Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoiler Free) Day One

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

Day One

Task #1 Assignment

Wake up in Venice.

Explore your room.

Leave room to explore the Ca.

Colin stops you to talk.

Go outside to entryway to check for parcel.

Bump into Helena.

Collect letter with ATM CARD.

Take ATM CARD and go to Plazza San Marco.

Note that the Newspaper Kiosk is a good place to purchase reference material.

Enter ATM and insert ATM CARD into slot to “activate account”.

Read About assignment.

Take the BINOCULARS and PDA.

Make a call to test the PDA and introduce yourself to Sophia.

Exit to map.

A new location is available on map.

Exit to Fango’s Office at Campo del Frari.

The door is locked and you need to find something to pick the lock.

Exit back to Ca.

Upon entering Ca courtyard you get an alert on PDA.

Go up to the roof.

Margherita stops you to talk.

Spy on Fango.

Automatically go someplace private to check with Sophia.

Leave bedroom and Prudence will automatically call.

Day One

Task #2 Tracking the Pigeon

Go to Costume Shop at Campo Santa Maria Formosa.


Go back to Fango’s Office and pick lock.


Turn on tracking on the PDA.

Exit office and track pigeon.

Capture Pigeon and recover HELLO! MESSAGE Fango attached to its leg.

Automatically phone Sophia.

Day One

Task #3 Microdot

Go back to Ca

Enter Ca and automatically eavesdrop.

Talk to Colin and ask to use microscope.

Use Microscope on HELLO! MESSAGE.

Day One

Task #4 Meet with Tazza

Go to Campo San Margherita.

Knock on door of Casa de Gionchi and get turned away.

Try to discover a way too get in by looking around.

Meet with Enrico Tazza, owner of Casa De Giochi.

Tazza will make you win at Scopa before discussing business.

Tazza will make you steal the SAPPHIRE to gain his trust.

Tazza will tell you to communicate with Gina ASAP.

Leave and call Sophia to inform her that Tazza wants you to commit a felony.

Day One

Task #6 Find GINA

Return to Fango’s office.

Explore Fango’s office.

Go to laptop and try and guess password.

Access the laptop.

Communicate with Gina.

Return to Ca and go to sleep for the night.

Meet “the Phantom” up close and personal!


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