Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoiler Free) Day Two

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

Day 2

Finish phone call with Prudence and leave room.

Automatically eavesdrop on Colin and Helena.

PDA alerts you Fango is in his office.

Go to roof and spy on Fango.

Day 2

Task #7 Retreive Bottle

Leave Ca and go to Rialto Market.

Pick up bottle and take LOCK OVERRIDE and HI! MESSAGE.

Return to Ca.

Look for Microdot on HI! MESSAGE.

You don’t have to ask to use microscope, but it is broken.

After the microscope is fixed, read HI! Message.

Day 2

Task #8 Complete Mosaic

Colin will have you finish a mosaic with the tesseras while he gets a new bulb for the microscope.

Day 2

Task #9 Acquire Cat Suit

Exit to Campo San Polo and enter Club Micio.

Successfully dance for Fausto and he sends you home with the anti-thermal suit (CAT SUIT).

Exit back to Ca.

Day 2

Task #10 Steal Sapphire

Change into CAT SUIT and exit room and go to the Zattore.

Use LOCK OVERRIDE and HI! MESSAGE code on door.

Steal SAPPHIRE and exit building.

Day 2

Task #11 Deliver Sapphire

Meet with Tazza at Casa De Giochi .

Give Tazza the SAPPHIRE.

Tazza will make you win at Scopa before discussing business.

Day 2

Task #12 Chinese Puzzle Box

Return to Ca and go to bedroom.

Read note from Colin.

Go to Colin’s work desk for puzzle box.

Open puzzle box.

Go to bed for the night.


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