Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoiler & Screens) Day Two

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

Day 2

Finish phone call with Prudence and leave room.

Automatically eavesdrop on Colin and Helena.

PDA alerts you Fango is in his office.

Go to roof and witness Margherita and Fango arguing.

(Margherita will automatically call at some point to say she won’t return until tomorrow.)

Talk to Colin.

Talk to Helena.

Day 2

Task #7 Bottle

Leave Ca and go to Rialto Market.

Pick up bottle and take LOCK OVERRIDE and HI! MESSAGE.

Return to Ca.

Look for Microdot on HI! MESSAGE.

You don’t have to ask to use microscope, but it is broken.

After the microscope is fixed, read HI! Message.

HI! MESSAGE has a CODE that goes with the LOCK OVERRIDE.

Microdot Message:

“Vlad is in Gstaad for the next month so he won’t show up. The sapphire is housed in the warehouse below the Palazzo – the entrance is the barred doors in the alleyway. You’ll need an anti-thermal suit for this job. If you’ve lost yours, Fausto at Club Micio in Campo San Polo is the only one who has any left. Be forewarned, he’s gone straight and isn’t dealing in this business any longer so you’ll need to date one of the dancers since Fausto uses the old fabric for his dancer’s costumes. But I doubt that’ll be any problem for you. Use the attached lock override to break the combination for the entry to the warehouse and sapphire container. The lock override will show you the order in which to push the buttons of the electric keypad. Push them in the following sequence. The warehouse is monitored by robotic sentries. There are four power circuits you’ll need to find and overload to temporarily shut the power off that feeds the alarm system protecting the sapphire. The sapphire is in the center of the warehouse.”

HI! MESSAGE also has instructions to go to Club Micio to get a anti-thermal suit from Fausto.

Day 2

Task #8 Complete Mosaic

Colin will have you finish a mosaic with the tesseras while he gets a new bulb for the microscope.

Day 2

Task #9 Acquire Cat Suit

Exit to Campo San Polo and enter Club Micio.

Read Dance Instruction Book for light cues and listen to audio cues.

When you are ready go to stage through curtain.

Successfully dance for Fausto and he sends you home with the anti-thermal suit (CAT SUIT).

Exit back to Ca.

Oops, someone try’s to whack you with an urn.

Click on the bottom with your mouse to jump back.

Go up to roof to look around by the urns.

Notice something on ledge.

Pick up PLAYING CARD on ledge by urns.

Go to room and and call Sophia.

Day 2

Task #10 Steal Sapphire

Change into CAT SUIT and exit room and go to the Zattore.

Use LOCK OVERRIDE and HI! MESSAGE code on door.

Avoid sentries lasers to explore the 9 rooms.

Look for the lightning bolts in the outer rooms 1 and 3 and 7 and 9.

There are 4 you need to shut down shut off power to the Alarm.

To turn off power levers it is process of elimination.

Pull down the levers until one stays down.

Make a note of what number it is.

Use left to right 1 through 8.

Then try another. If it is wrong all levers will reset.

Go back to the first correct one and pull it down again.

When you find the second one make a note of the number.

Then pull the first correct one, then the second correct one until you find the third,

and so on until you have all levers in the off position.

Steal SAPPHIRE and exit building.

Day 2

Task #11 Deliver Sapphire

Return to Ca and change into Samantha Quick disguise.

Exit to meet with Tazza at Casa De Giochi as Samantha Quick.

Tazzo is talking on the phone to Nico about a lost Chinese Puzzle Box.

Give Tazza the SAPPHIRE.

Tazza will make you win at Scopa before discussing business.

He then pays you for the theft.

Day 2

Task #12 Chinese Puzzle Box

Return to Ca and go to bedroom.

Read note from Colin.

Go to Colin’s work desk for puzzle box.

Note symbols on the outside of box.

Shake to open and note symbols on inside to unlock box.

Exit to Newspaper Kiosk and purchase Book on Chinese Symbols.

Use the Book on Chinese Symbols to figure out the code to open the puzzle box.

Match the pictures on the outside of the box to the symbols in the Book of Chinese Symbols.

The pictures are tree mountain fire and water.

Except they got tricky with tree.

Use the symbol for wood instead of tree.


Go to bed for the night.


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