Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoilers & Screens) Day One

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

Day One

Task #1 Assignment

Wake up in Venice.

Explore your room.

Leave room to explore the Ca.

Colin stops you to talk.

Go outside to entryway to check for parcel.

Bump into Helena.

Collect letter with ATM CARD.

A new location is available on map, go to Plazza San Marco.

Note that the Newspaper Kiosk is a good place to purchase reference material.

Enter ATM and insert ATM CARD into slot to “activate account”.

Read about Assignment.

Take the BINOCULARS and PDA.

The PDA will alert when Fango is in his office to observe for “unusual or suspicious” behavior.

Make a call to test the PDA and introduce yourself to Sophia.

Exit to map.

A new location is available on map.

Exit to Fango’s Office at Campo del Frari.

The door is locked and you need to find something to pick the lock.

Exit back to Ca.

Upon entering Ca courtyard you get an alert on PDA.

Go up to the roof.

Margherita stops you to talk.

Spy on Fango.

Margherita will ask what you are doing. Tell her anything.

Watch until Fango leaves office.

Automatically go someplace private to check with Sophia.

Sophia will tell you to find out where the pigeon goes and what the note pigeon is carrying says.

Check messages for what TRACKING PELLET looks like.

A new location is available on map, the TRACKING PELLET is located at Costumes by Vera in Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

Take HAIRPINS from wardrobe to pick the lock at Fango’s office.

Leave bedroom and Prudence will automatically call.

Day One

Task #2 Tracking the Pigeon

Go to Costume Shop.


Stop at Rialto Market and purchase BIRDSEED.

Buy the Sassy Detective magazine at the Newspaper Kiosk.

Go back to Fango’s Office and pick lock.

Go to window with pigeon and feed the TRACKING PELLET and BIRDSEED to the bird on ledge.

Walk back to door.

Get alert on PDA Fango is coming back to office.

Hide in the storage closet until Fargo leaves.

Notice Commedia dell’Arte poster in storage locker.

Look at chocolates on desk.

Notice the names and the order.

Examine laptop and discover you need password.

Turn on tracking on the PDA.

Exit office and follow pigeon to Campo San Margherita.

Capture Pigeon and recover HELLO! MESSAGE Fango attached to its leg.

Automatically phone Sophia.

Sophia will tell you to look for a Microdot hidden in the note with a Microscope.

Sophia will tell you to find a way to meet with Enrico Tazza at Casa De Giochi.

Leave Campo San Margherita.

Day One

Task #3 Microdot

Go back to Ca

Notice parcel of Chocolates addressed to Il Dottore in entryway.

Deduce that it could be a way to communicate.

Enter Ca and automatically eavesdrop.

Talk to Colin and ask to use microscope.

Use Microscope on HELLO! MESSAGE.

The message reads:

Il Dottore requests you to change the safe room lock combination to 43556.

Call Sophia and report findings about Microdot and Il Dottore.

Sophia will tell you to plant tracking devices on your Ca-mates.

Day One

Task #4 Meet with Tazza

Leave bedroom and get to know Helena.

A new location is available on map, Helena’s favorite spot in Venice the Campo San Polo.

Go to Campo San Margherita.

Knock on door of Casa de Gionchi and get turned away.

Look in trash dumpster for something interesting and helpful to use to get in.

Discover the Scotland Yard Document on Justin/Colin.

Discover and translate the Samantha Quick Document.

Decide to disguise yourself as Samantha Quick to meet with Tazza.

Exit to Plazza San Marco and purchase Dark Sunglasses at the Newspaper Kiosk.

Also purchase the German/English Dictionary and the copy of Eurowelt.

Use the dictionary to translate and read the article Helena wrote.

Exit to Costume Shop at Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

Purchase Red Dress, White Gloves, and Blonde Wig to impersonate Samantha Quick.

Exit Costume shop.

Receive alert on PDA about Fango.

Return to Ca.

Go to roof and spy on Fango.

Interesting… he is sending another message.

Go to bedroom and report this to Sophia.

Change into Samantha Quick disguise.

Talk with Helena. Find out about Tazza.

Talk to Colin about his past.

Talk to Margherita.

Leave Ca and exit to meet with Enrico Tazza, owner of Casa De Giochi, as Samantha Quick.

Tazza will make you win at Scopa before discussing business.

There are 4 suits: coins, cups, swords and clubs.
There are 10 cards in each suit with the 7 as the valuable card.
The face cards are the Valet, Knight and King.
The number in the upper-right corner indicates how much the card is worth.
For scoring, the most valuable are the 7s, then 6s, aces oo 1, 5 4 3 2 and then the face cards.
These are refered to as ‘primes’ when scoring.
Enrico will shuffle the deck.
Three cards will be dealt for you and three cards will be dealt for Enrico.
Four cards will then be placed in the play area.
Each player will play only 1 card from his own.
If no cards match with the cards in the play area, discard a card to place that card in the play area.
A match (or a trick) occurs if one of your cards is the sum of any cards at the center play area.
If you take the last card in the play area you get a Scopa and a extra point is rewarded.
The game continues until all forty Scopa cards have been played.
Enrico will score points.
The first person to reach 11 or more points wins.

If you win, Enrico will discuss business.
If you lose, play again until you win.

Tazza will make you steal the SAPPHIRE to gain his trust.

Tazza will tell you to communicate with Gina ASAP.

Gina can help with the security system.

Play another game of Scopa with Tazza to ask him questions about costumes and Colin.

(You may have to exit and enter again until you get the “Ask you some questions” prompt.)

Leave and call Sophia to inform her that Tazza wants you to commit a felony.

A new location is available on map, the SAPPHIRE is located at the Palazzo Zattere.

(After you meet with Tazza for the first time, the next time you go to bedroom the phone automatically rings and you receive threatening call from someone, maybe Samantha Quick.)

Day One

Task #5 Track Ca-mates

Go to ATM and pickup the 3 TRACKING DEVICES Sophia left for you.

Return to Ca and put device into Helena’s pen.

Go to roof and give Margherita sunglasses case.

Give Colin the tessera tile.

Day One

Task #6 Find GINA

Return to Fango’s office.

Look in file cabinets and notice Box of Cards with some cards missing.

Go to laptop and try and guess password.

Notice names on the Commedia dell’Arte poster in storage locker.

Some are crossed out, except for Scaramuccia, Il Capitano, Brighella, Arlecchino and Il Dottore at the center.

The icon next to the login area resembles the masks on the poster.

Access the laptop with the password IL CAPITANO.

Exit out of laptop when PDA alerts you Fango is coming.

Hide in storage locker again.

Listen to Fango open and close filing cabinet then leave.

Check filing cabinet with the cards.

Another card is missing.

Exit office to Newspaper Kiosk.
Purchase Book on Chess and read about codes.
Return to office and access laptop again.
See icon for Gina’s Chessboard Service.
Read deleted email.

Deduce Fango and Scaramuccia are using the algebraic style of chess to exchange information about the locations of the Phantom thefts. You must decipher a code.
You learned from the Crime Dossier at the ATM that the first Phantom theft occurred Jan 4th. A bible was stolen.
Start reading the chess logs in the deleted emails.
Using the chess code on the Dec 29th email, deduce that Fango was asking Scaramuccia about the location of the theft, the Pallazo Foglio.
The next deleted email of Jan 17th says Brighella would play instead, the day before the sword was stolen from Doge’s Palace.
On Jan 21 the day before the Verdi score was stolen, Fango used the chess code to ask Scaramuccia about (La) Fenice.
On Jan 24th the day before the Chalice was stolen, Fango asks Scaramuccia about (St) Gervase.
Use the Book on Chess to code the name of the location you are to steal the SAPPHIRE from, PALAZZO ZATTERE.

Play Gina in a game of Chess with the code.

After you put in the chess terms Nancy will say the letter.


You win and she tells you to retrieve a bottle from the Recycle Bin at Rialto Market.

Return to Ca’ and go to sleep for the night.

Meet “the Phantom” up close and personal!


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