Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoilers & Screens) Day Three

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

Day 3

Wake up to PDA alert.

Go to roof and just miss Fango.

Talk to Margherita.

Take Fango’s FLYER with numbers on back.

Talk to Helena.

Day 3

Task # 13 Flyer Code

Go to Fango’s office.

Listen to Carousel Music Box.

Make a note of the notes played.

Go to Fax machine.

Dial number on back of Fango’s FLYER.


Match the notes


to the keys on the phone.

Listen to all messages.

Check all the references in the automated directory and find out:

Welcome to the automated directory for Sognitrico.
At any time you may Press 0 to return to the previous menu.

(For personnel, Press 1.)

For Signore Dottore, president, Press 1.
For Signore Capitano, Communication, Press 2.
For Signore Arlecchino, Shipping and Receiving, Press 3.
For Signore Scaramuccia, Security, press 4.
For Signore Brighella, Acquisitions, press 5.

(For store locations, Press 2.)

For HQ, Press 1.
For our safe and secure store, press 2.
For our list of acquisition partners, Press 3.
For our presidential suites, Press 4.
For our propane storage, Press 5.
For all other locations, Press 6.

(For communications, Press 3.)

For presidential communications, Press 1.
For acquisitions, Press 2.
For security communications, Press 3.
For shipping and receiving communications, Press 4

Note the “safe and secure” store and that the Propane storage has the key.

Go to filing cabinets and look at the box of cards.

Note one is missing and deduce the location of the next theft.

Exit to Ca.

Call Sophia with information of the location that the Phantom will strike next.

Day 3

Task #14 Find Safe and Secure location

Sophia has you study Italian to keep up with Police at the stakeout.

Read the book on the bedroom table.

Study the common Italian words and phrases.

Press the red button to hear the words pronounced.

Call Sophia back and automatically be at the stake out.

Catch the thief by following the Police’s directions.

The 4 policemen identify their shadows at the locations.

Look for the 5th shadow that wasn’t identified and out of place.

Click on the shadow not identified as the police.

The police will say it’s the thief, or if its them.

You have to get 4 correct to catch the thief.

Automatically be in the Ca’ entryway talking to Sophia.

Sophia tell you they found a propane receipt with a code, 3447.

Exit Ca’ and go to Campo San Margherita.

Enter code on Propane chest.

Take the KEY and MAP.

Exit to the Fountain at Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

Use KEY on door on the “safe and secure location”.

Enter tunnels.

Navigate through tunnels to the other side using combination of the map on the wall and the MAP you got with the KEY.

The numbers are just stop points.

You only have to turn the wheel once, to fill or drain, at stop points.

The wheels look like tiny circle on the diagram from the wall and are on both sides of every shaft.

Use the stop points to navigate through the tunnels using the ladders and bridges.

Start at the entrance of the circle shaft by going right at the map.

You are starting at the circle shaft

stop at the very first wheel numbered 1.

Turn wheel #1 (before circle shaft) to fill

Cross bridge

turn wheel #2 (after circle shaft) to drain

Go down ladder to next level

Cross bridge

Turn wheel #3 (after circle shaft) to drain

Move down tunnel to the triangle shaft

Cross bridge

Turn wheel #4 (after triangle shaft) to drain

Move up tunnel to the diamond shaft

Turn wheel #5 (before diamond shaft) to fill

Cross bridge

Turn wheel #6 (after diamond shaft) to drain

Go down ladder

Cross bridge

Turn wheel #7 (after diamond shaft) to drain

Move down tunnel to the triangle shaft

Turn wheel #8 (before triangle shaft) to drain

Move down tunnel back to diamond shaft

Cross bridge

Go back to ladder and up ladder to next level

Turn wheel #9 (before diamond shaft) to fill

Go back to ladder and up ladder to next level

Turn wheel #10 (before diamond shaft) to fill

Cross bridge

You see a hallway with an arrow

Turn at arrow to see ladder

Go down Ladder.

Take FLASHLIGHT from wall.

Enter HELLO! MESSAGE code, 43556 into keypad.

Read crate and discover identity of the criminal.

Open crate and discover STATUE.

Get locked in flooded room.

To escape you must make the water pressure equal and level.

Adjust the faucets accordingly.

Day 3

Task #15 Catch Il Dottoro

Leave room and climb up ladder.

Automatically call Sophia and revel the Criminal.

Chase down Criminal using the planted TRACKING DEVICE.

Note the mode of transportation and the last location.

A piedi is on foot – black lines.
Vaporetto is by water boat – red lines.
Gondola – blue lines.

A flashing circle around a point on the map is the last known location.

You win!

Helena loses.

and Colin’s just plain sad…



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