References to past games are not considered Eggs.

It has been 10 years of Nancy Drew games.

So enjoy these Cookies.

I dig the shout-out to some of the last 17 games over the last 10 years.

The good ole trusty Kringle Bar. The Secret of the Scarlet Hand is the first of many games where you can find the chocolate bar, Koko Kringle.

Nancy Drew frequently comes to a place Sonny Joon has just been, but usually it’s his job, in both the Secret of the Scarlet Hand and Danger By Design. When Nancy realized this, she said, “Wow, that guy gets around!”

Throughout the Nancy Drew games the name Krolmeister appears as a generic manufacturer name. This may be the first time he has been referred to as an actual person!

And one that corresponds with Helena.

And he makes an appearance in the Book on Chess.

Mr. Joon also pops up as a witness to the Phantom’s last theft!

Red Knott appeared in the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Red has a general dislike, distrust, or hatred of the human species and a disposition to dislike, distrust and hate Nancy as well. He is a birdwatcher who works mainly at night and hates noise of any kind. Red Knott’s name is a play on the name of an actual bird, the Red Knot.

In the Final Scene, “Samantha Quick” is one of the stage names that Simone suggests for Nancy.
“Nancy Drew is so utterly forgettable,” Simone says.
Nancy isn’t interested in being an actress, but Simone doesn’t get the message.
“Fancy Jackson” is another name that Simone suggests.

The Newspaper Kiosk features books from previous games such as Secrets Can Kill, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Final Scene, Danger on Deception Island, and the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

See if you can find them all!

Hilihili Research Center is a location investigated in The Creature of Kapu Cave.

That game is also referenced with these snorkeling fins.

These snowshoes represent the White Wolf of Icicle Creek.

The Haunted Carousel

I can’t remember this one, maybe Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake?

In Secret of the Old Clock this robot was seen in Josiah Crowley’s former house, now the Richard Topham School.

The Mardi Gras skeleton mask from the Legend of the Crystal Skull hangs in Costumes by Vera.

Minette was the designer Nancy worked for in Paris in Danger by Design.

Punchy LaRue played the character of Bess Marvin in The Final Scene and is also referenced in the Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

When trying to earn the Lavatorio award, make note of all the references to past games.

Nancy likes to talk to herself in the bathroom. This started in the White Wolf of Icicle Creek.

And last but not least, the part I actually enjoyed the most

and haven’t seen before in the ND games, where “deleted bloopers” that roll after the credits.

Make sure to watch!

Apparently, the name of the gator that would of liked to eat you

in the Legend of the Crystal Skull is nammed Bernie!


13 responses to “Cookies

  1. yes!!! I’m the first!!! I love nancy drew I have very game and hope to see more!!!

  2. omigosh!!!!
    that’s hilarious!!!!
    I’m gonna look for all of those now!!

  3. OMIGOSH!!!

    I love these games! They are challenging and fun at the same time. I like it when a guy comes along and has a crush on Nancy. 🙂

  4. Something else Nancy says in the bathroom is, “Cheeseburger.”
    hahaha, oh, and I love the giant pigion. xD

  5. Woah. So cool. =)

  6. lolz omg giant pigion =D I am going to look for these now…I love Nancy Drew games….This one is my favorite along with Danger by Design and the first 5 beginning ones ^_^

  7. This is awesome!!!… I nearly have every single ND game…. exept for Secrets can kill and Stay tuned for danger…. I cant get it anywhere!?!?

    Any ideas thx

    Love, Maddie xox

  8. I got my Secrets can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger in a 75th Anniversy Pack that had 1-5 in a pack at Target.
    I don’t know if they still do that, but I think you can get them somewhere if you look reallllyyyy hard, haha.
    I’d say go to a store that is dedicated to computer games, like best buy or something like that(:
    Hope it helped some, haha.

  9. nancy also says DONT EAT THE SQUIRREL NANCY. hahaha i love this game and ur website helps so much. IT IS Awesom! ; D

  10. this is for Maddie: go to Her Interactive’s website and you can order any Nancy drew game. you can also pre order upcoming games i think. You can also go to Nancy Drew Central where all of your installed ND games will be… the ones that aren’t highlighted/installed, you can click on it and where it would normally say “Play!” it will say “Buy!” hope thay helps

  11. bill_ist_mein_liebe

    they should actually make Koko Kringle bars cuz that would be awesome!!!

    it’s kinda creepy how Nancy randomly talks to herself in the bathroom…. my favorite quote is “I like turtles” it’s so random!! 🙂 i think there’s about 20 things that nancy says

    MYSTICO should have made a guest appearance…

  12. What about You are rude nancy drew, oh so rude??
    LOL of course it tastes bad, its a squirrel..’
    BLT Kaisuur??
    and more

  13. You missed ‘of course it tastes bad, its a squirrel’ and ‘cheeseburgers’ and ‘blt kaisuur’ and ciao bello molta obligato(or something like that)

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