Easter Eggs

Are these really Easter Eggs?

That is an extremely good question. To classify as an Easter egg, an occurrence or object must be humorous or entertaining. Subjective, yes, but extremely important. Eggs are there to entertain. If it is not funny or entertaining, it’s not an egg. It must be something personal to the creator(s). Eggs have to have that “personal touch”.


Easter eggs must be truly hidden and not obvious at all. You need to follow a procedure to reveal an Easter egg. They are not things you can just pass by and see. Easter eggs must be activated.

I found a Easter Egg.

You can pick the lock of the locked door in the ‘Ca.

Hear Chicken Cackle and a egg appears in your Inventory.

Another Easter Egg can be found at the Gelato Stand.

Make a triple dip of the gelato starting with Red, then White, then Green.

Hear Chicken Cackle and a egg appears in your Inventory.

You made an Italian Flag so you receive an Italian Easter Egg!

There is an additional Scene and Task.

It seems to appear randomly,

everyone I’ve talked to has gotten at different times with each game they played, as did I.

Whenever you can go to your room and look

for a Basket of Sausages to appear on you bedroom table.

The note claims they are from Colin.

Eat them and try to leave the room.

Pass out.

The additional task is to confirm who gave you the sausages by searching for handwriting samples from each person at the Ca and comparing them to the note that was left with the sausages.


If you randomly click on trash you can find money!

Also, because this is the only time Helena leaves the desk,

right after you plant the Tracking Device in Helena’s pen you can burst in on her in the bathroom.

Use the German/English Dictionary on Helena’s postcards on the dresser in bedroom to discover this one.

Anyone born in the 70’s who survived the 80’s knows why this is funny!

You may have noticed a strange document framed on Fango’ office wall.

I decoded the binary code to text using a simple online converter.


Maybe like this one?

If this score sounds familiar…

“La donna รจ mobile” (Woman is fickle) is the canzone performed by the cynical Duke of Mantua in Act III, Scene 1 of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Rigoletto (1851). The Phantom stole this score.

There are Awards rewarded at the conclusion of the game.

If you make enough to buy all the shoes, you get the Clogio award.

If you dance perfectly for the CatSuit, you can get the Dancing Superstar award.

If you discover both of the Easter Eggs, you get a award.

You get the Euro Trash award for clicking all the trash and collecting coins.

If you make enough to buy all the clothes and wear them, you get the Fashionista award.

Try all the different flavors of gelato to earn the Gelatina award.

Going to the bathroom often earns you the Lavatorio award.

You earn the Musical Muse award by riding with all 6 of the gondoliers to hear them sing.

You get a award if you stay on the lookout for the Sausages that give you food poisoning.

If you do the Mosaic without making any mistakes you receive the Tessera Twitcher award.

If you use the Italian dictionary to translate all the things in Italian, you are awarded the Webstressa award.

This does absolutely nothing, but I spent a lot of time thinking it did… so I’m putting it here.

It looked like a code like the one I found for COPPA (which really didn’t factor into the gameplay) until I realized they were only there to be eaten.


26 responses to “Easter Eggs

  1. The robot in Fango’s filing cabinet drawer represents the robot in Mr. Topham’s / Josiah’s house. At least, that’s what I think. I clicked on the robot’s switch ten times, and nothing happened. I just think it’s there for comical effect. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. HA. Nina/Luftbaloons…
    That is funny.

    Well take a ride with all 6, I didn’t get anything and I think i tryed all the gelato…

  3. I love this idea for easter eggs it is soo cool! I havn’t gotten the game yet but i am getting it today i am so exited! I am trying not to read to much about the game cuz i want it to be a surprise but this website is really cool.
    Thanks for helping me pass the time until i get my game!


  4. i was trying to open that door because i thought it was part of the game and voila! i found the egg but i thought it was another part of the game and then i read this and i was like, wow thats kinda weird…

    so anyways, thanks for putting this out there

  5. The Robot does do something – I clicked on it every time I went to Fango’s office. Eventually, it did do an animation – nothing spectacular. the mouth moved and it made some noise – but no actual speech. Maybe you have to have the Easter Eggs to trigger the robot animation – or maybe you just have to click on the robot on each trip to Fangos. It would have been better if it had said something, like I am Miles the Magnificent or whatever his name was.

  6. Miles the Magnificent was amazing!! But that Nancy drew was not one of my favs….

  7. If you do everything to get all of the awards, you get to see even more bloopers after the credits at the end of the game!

  8. This game is good and i don;t know why but those candy wrappers I think appear in every game after the Secret of the Scarlet Hand…

  9. is it true that in EVERY game there is traces of sonny joon? or i am i imagining it
    – koko kringles (every episode)
    – comments on him in helenas nb

    i think this starts at the computer screen in secret of the scarlet hand. ARE WE EVER GOING TO MEET THIS GUY????

  10. I wish easter eggs actually did something. like in White wolf of icicle creek when we had that dream *I still have nightmares* and i’m playing the game again so I can get the extra bloopers

    P.S- Sonny, i hope i get to meet you sometime!!! and i really want to try a koko kringle for myself sometime ^_-

  11. This game is so musg more fun with the eggs and costumes and stuff. i cant wait to win the awards and to see the bloopers

  12. did u guys know that u can share a pizza with Fango at the end of the game and u can meet sophia if u switch the egg with the special blue rock at the Zattere! it was pdc!

  13. Speaking of Soony Joon…
    I have a feeling we will be hearing of him again in the newest Nancy Drew game coming out soon, in the Carribean.
    If you look in Helena’s notebook, she says something that he was on his way to the Caribean.
    Maybe we will meet himmmm?
    I don’t knowwww! (:

    Just thought I’d point that out, haha.

  14. I’ve been thinking about where I’ve heard the name Samantha Quick before. It was a stage name suggested for Nancy by Brady Armstrong’s Manager in The Final Scene. But I still feel like I’ve heard it somewhere else before…in another ND game? In a ND book? In this game it gets hinted that the player should know who Samantha Quick is, and I just want to know if The Final Scene is the only other place where the name is mentioned.

  15. We dont meet sonny joon in Seven Ships, we just talk to him on the phone, he leaves before we get there!

  16. Oh wow lol the ice-cream one was great xD

    On the subject of references to other ND games, I’ve seen both the Glory horse head from Haunted Carousel in a dumpster, and the skelleton mask from Crystal Skull in a store. Also Prudence at some point over the phone mentions Minette from Danger by Design.

    Sorry for posting a random comment…

  17. bill_ist_mein_liebe

    I want to meet Sonny… He’s also mentioned in the new one Ransom of the Seven Ships.. He writes a manual about monkeys lol

    Thankyou for the information! ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s no way i could have figured it out on my own..

    Nena/99 luftbaloons haha.. at least the animators of ND have a sense of humor ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Ugh I have completed the game 5 times and still i havn’t got the sausages. I heard you have to win the catsuit before you need it for Zattere but that didn’t change anything.

  19. I didn’t think the robot had to do anything, it didn’t speak in the actual game either. There are loads of things they put into other games as well – Koko Kringles are just some of them. Sonny Joon does get around a lot… ๐Ÿ˜€ How about Brady Armstrong fan website in Danger by Design? I have seen dolls from Blue Moon Canyon in several games, and Krolmeister just does everything, doesn’t it? I love these little hints ๐Ÿ™‚ There are probably loads and loads but I haven’t noticed all of them, because I haven’t played all of the earlier games yet…

    Anyway, thanks for the article! It was fun to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Oh yeah, and thanks for translating the binary!
    I thought it might have something to do with the game, but even then… ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. So what do I have to do to get the “Trivia Tamer” award? What question do I have to answer?

  22. Ironic Theorist

    The robot is in The Secret of the Old Clock, right? Can anyone confirm that for me? ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. the only bit i am stuck on is the stakeout

  24. The robot is most definitely in Secret of the Old Clock, it’s in Richard Topham’s house.

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