A slip up is a mistake in game coding or an accidental omission or inclusion of incongruous factors.

A slip up is not in any way similar to an Easter egg, as eggs are added intentionally.

So, Slip Ups or not? You decide.

Don’t know how intentional these may be.

After Colin has fled the Ca, you can still access his treasured microscope by clicking on the hotspot.

But this may have been left to be helpful for reviewing the messages.

Also, you cannot check of the last task on your list

“Find a way to keep myself from drowning ( translating that sign into english might help)!”

even after you obviously did both of those things.

In the Book of Chinese Symbols, the symbol for fire is printed twice.


2 responses to “GLITCHES

  1. I love nancy drew so much. I’ve played almost all of the games. Thanks for doing this. It helps so much. I love all of it!!!!!! Yay! I’m first!

  2. bill_ist_mein_liebe

    Nancy drew games are so much fun 🙂

    This game is one of my favorites along with danger by design and the earlier ones…

    I love how Helen says random German words when Nancy talks to her….. “ganz genou”.

    I saved money cuz I didn’t need to buy the German dictionary cuz I speak German… I spent the money on SHOES!!!!

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