* Use <Alt-Tab> to switch between the game and the walkthrough.

* Use the search box for keywords. For instance, put in password and it will bring up Day One. Put in Puzzle box and it will tell you that is in Day Two.

* Viewing FRONT PAGE will allow you to scroll through all pages of the walkthrough.

* This walkthrough is played on the Junior Detective level.  Historically in the ND world, the puzzles in Senior Detective are shorter and harder. Having played both, the only differences I noticed, was that in Senior you don’t get a map to navigate the tunnels at the end of the game. In Junior Detective level, you are equipped with a checklist and you are also able to call Joe Hardy and Ned for hints.

* There is only one cut scene when Nancy sleeps at the end of Day One. You can’t go to sleep until a certain task is completed. When that is done it will tell you on your Task List. But then you can sleep whenever you like however many times you like. This game is only semi-linear, and it is carefully designed so that you will not get trapped in a dead end by doing things out of sequence. Most other tasks can be done anytime of the game as well. For instance, you can speak with Margherita anytime after you see her in Fango’s office in order to get the flyer with the fax code by going to sleep. You can acquire the CatSuit when ever the location becomes available and so on.

* There are other tasks and information you can collect that don’t have a bearing on finishing the game. And some are kinda fun!

* Only use this walkthrough when really stuck because other wise you finish in about 3 hours.


9 responses to “TIPS

  1. thanx 4 the walkthrough!!!! i am not stuck anymore

  2. bill_ist_mein_liebe

    i am still kinda stuck on the mosaic tile part cuz all of the white-ish tiles look the same and it’s hard at parts….. You should put a solution on your walkthrough 🙂

  3. Hey! Great site! Check out mine at ! It’s got downloads, walkthroughs, eggs, cookies, glitches, and fun stuff for ALL Nancy Drew games! Screenshots, information, etc. Check it out!

  4. Scott Gothberg

    I have a problem with this game Nancy Drew,Phantom of Venice.I cant figure out which bird has the note that Antonio Fango gave a bird.
    And i was wondering if u could tell me,What the bird look’s like.
    P.S.When does the phantom come?
    How do you get more money if you have zero cents?
    Scott Gothberg.

  5. Scott Gothberg

    OPPS!Was I supose to leave a coment?
    Scott Gothberg.

  6. Scott Gothberg

    I wonder if anyone left a comment?

  7. Scott Gothberg

    I want Nancy Drew,Legend of the crystal skull SO BAD!

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